Digital Photography, The Plusses And A Few Minuses

Digital Photography is relatively modern (II decades to be factual) compared to it’s film twin and has without uncertainty brought photography to the people through the respective formats and platforms it is available.

The modern digital camera and lenses are full with technology that help you avoid some of the pitfalls of Digital Photography such as histograms to check for any exposure problems and image stabilizers to help avoid camera shake ensuring sharp images even in less than idealistic light.

Most people feel that after the inital purchase of buying the camera and lenses that their photography is now toll free but that is not the case I’m afraid. Even after purchasing further accessories like a software,tripod,bag,memory cards,extra lenses etc you still have to think about long term cautious storage.

In the days of film, negatives where actually very easy and cheap to store but with digital photography this can be a little more complicated if you really want to safeguard your images.

Ideally you want to store your images at very least in duplicate perhaps one set of images on Dvd stored somewhere other than at home and another set of the same images on an external hard drive.This ensures you have a version safely safeguarded against god forbid fire,theft or flood at a seperate locations and a set on a handy hard drive available for swift retriveal when needed.

So Digital Photography although a wonderful new medium does have a few extra costs that may not be immediately plain and we have not even started to speak about computer equipment which can require a whole lot more cash depending on how serious you are about your photography.

I’m talking about Printers,Ink,a good quality monitor and the calibration tools required to ensure that what you see on screen will match any prints that you may wish to produce.

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